Bible Study Introduction: Fall 2013

Here we are, fall of 2013 and it is that time we come back together and lean into Bible study. We made an intentional choice as the women of Eastridge, to do a four-week online community study based on the journey we are in as a church and to lean into the specific word God is speaking to us collectively. We have laid down our season of coming together onsite for the common good of all to participate in our Seismic Life Groups and my hope is that we will each steward this opportunity to be a part of a group for 6 weeks (shameless plug, go to this link to sign up for a group to be a part of.)

I have prayed a lot about what this journey together is supposed to look like and the best summary I can give you is this: During our sabbatical this summer we took time to marvel at the gifts of God in our lives. We savored the beauty of nature, absorbed the truths of history and stood in awe as we put our feet in the place of historical truths. We had fun seeing nature at it’s best, I held a koala, fed a kangaroo and elephant, snorkeled with sea turtles. It was amazing and a journey I will never forget, but the most significant thing I did on this time was to hold my life up to the light of Christ and allowed who I am to be totally eclipsed by all that He is. That is the journey that I have been on and as I commit to continue to walk in His presence in a deeper way I invite you to journey with me.

Each weekday for the next four weeks I will be posting a devotional that will have a downloadable attachment for your personal use of Bible study and the tools to go deeper on a certain subject. As we each take the time to take the journey in the word it would be great to hear your voice as God speaks to you. Please feel free to comment, to share your journey, to walk the road together. Your voice is important; the transparency we walk in allows the light of Christ to be more relevant and visible to others.

I am looking forward to our online discussion and encouraging of one another. Are you ready? I am, but I confess to you the thought of, “what was I thinking?” is bouncing through my head as I make this first post. Thankful for the women around me who help create a safe place of growth for all of us! Please send this link on and invite your circle of friends and family to join us, the more voices, the greater impact we have on each other! Click here for today’s Bible study or go the Online Bible study tab, either way we are ready to go.

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