For His Name’s Sake

For the last year the thought of “For His Name’s Sake” has been churning in my heart. I have been sifting out what does it mean for God’s work to be done in my life in such a way that it is “For His Name’s Sake”? The truth is that God’s work in my life will be evident when I learn to lean in with obedience to all that God calls me to. The need to grow in living a “yes” response before God and to walk humbly before Him, that is where my life brings glory to His Name.

Last week in our service the question was asked during the message, “when was the last time you thought about bringing joy to God”? What a question that is, and is naturally followed by another question, “How do I bring joy to God?” This is where the path of obedience causes God’s heart to leap. The applause of heaven thunders when we walk out the YES to His plan for each of us.

One of the greatest realizations in this thought line, is that it is about His name and not mine. Talk about a turning of tables, when this is the equation that I use to equate the sum of my choices and actions it brings a heart change. His name, His reputation, His glory….it is rather liberating when it is about God and not me. I don’t take the blame or the glory, I just have to obey. Wish I could tell you my life is full of obedient choices, but I can’t. I can tell you however that my life is full of redemption and it is all for His name’s sake.

“Yet he saved them for his name’s sake, to make his mighty power known.” Psalm 106:8

I am committed to living a life that is for His name’s sake and makes His mighty power known. Singing the song of the redeemed today, how about you?

Cheryl J

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