It’s a Surprise!

hiccupThat is what my husband always says to me about hiccups, they always surprise you. It is also true in relationships, the hiccups and bumps surprise you.  Since it is a surprise when conflict occurs, you aren’t prepared ahead of time for what is coming your way and your response will be, how can I say this…unfiltered? What is in you will come out quicker than you realize. Then the bigger surprise may be that you can no longer hide the real you. The quick to judge, get angry and respond part of you is out in full glory before you know it. You know what I am talking about, the unrestrained response that causes you to cringe in hindsight. It was all a surprise.

There is a place of maturity that we all need to get to. You may or may not have arrived at this place, the truth is not only do you need to be there, but you need to help others arrive as well. The place where the fruit of our life is no longer in question every time the bumps of life come along, instead a grace filled moment of forgiveness fills the space.  Have you ever been more appreciative then when someone shows you unconditional grace in a moment that got the best of you? When someone says to you, “I know this isn’t how you wanted to react, let’s move on and believe for the good in each other.” We learned yesterday of one definition of grace; when God freely extends himself to us.

That is the example we are to operate in towards others, even in the midst of the hiccup, extend yourself toward someone else who may not be on their best behavior. Philippians 4:5 “Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near.” I want to grow more in the surprise moments, how about you?

1 Peter 4:12 “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.”

Look at this part of the scripture, ‘as though something strange were happening to you’, surprises are not unique to just you. When you begin to think that you are the only one dealing with bumps in life, your perspective becomes skewed and you miss the normalcy of it. Fight the urge to live with a victim mentality. When you deal with people, there will be bumps, don’t be surprised by it.

We are getting close to the weekend, thankful for a great week in the Word with you! This topic of forgiveness hits close to home for all of us. It is a tool that we need to have ready and in hand throughout our days.

I will close today with this thought: While we were on sabbatical Steve and I practiced this saying, “If it’s not a big deal, don’t make it a big deal.” Agreeing to use this as our code of conduct every day, saved us from getting knocked off center by the surprises along the way.  Enjoy your day, look for opportunities to sow seeds of kindness and grace in the middle of the hiccups that catch you by surprise!

Today’s worksheet: handout 9_26_2013

Love being in the Word with you!

Cheryl J

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3 Responses to It’s a Surprise!

  1. Lori H. says:

    Tonight I find myself cringing. That quick to judge, get angry and respond part of me came out this afternoon in its full glory. And the worst part is that the friend it was directed at is probably one of the best Christian role models I have and she didn’t deserve a bit of it. She could have been angry back but instead showed incredible grace. Tonight I am praying for grace and very grateful that I can recognize that when I allow myself to feel like a victim my conduct is very unbecoming. I’m definitely God’s “work in process”.

  2. Rita Campos says:

    How beautiful and so much wisdom with simplicity in how following the lessons makes us grow and learn of what was in the past in our life without Jesus. As we part take in the passages of our life today, we understand that the verses from the Bible are inspirational and an instrument to live by. I see how my seeds that I have planted are growing and getting stronger and stronger and one of the reason is that I watered this plants with the water that comes from the living waters that comes from Jesus that water never runs dry and we receive it and we are able to see how we become precious at His sight. I have my own interpretation and my own way of expressing how I feel. I guess I processed my thoughts in Spanish thinking them in English and I write them down as I think, anyhow I hope and pray that I get my point across, but I know in my heart with these simple words I use, I am letting the world know that I am doing what I need to do to see the reflection of Jesus when I see my self in the mirror. Following His word, living it and making a part of my everyday life will make me and all of us more like him. I know that I have come a long way and the present is bright and even with the hiccups in my life I need to rely on the passages that Ms. Cheryl shares with all of us, because as the word say. “Jesus fight our fights” and that is why we should not waste time and energy on feeling harsh feeling toward another child of God. Let us have the love that Jesus demonstrated when He was walking on this earth let us show our brothers and sisters that the best way to do things and act is acting as if Jesus was present and not using our own worldly insight full of hate and negative energies……I know that I am very thankful for My Savior Jesus because He left us those two great commandments; one to love God with all our mind, heart and soul and the other one to love one another as we love ourselves. with this two great commandments how can we go wrong, how can we separate from doing the right thing in the first place instead of acting up all ugly. I am very bless and walking under Grace, what more can I ask.
    Blessings my sister.

  3. Tammy T says:

    Ouch! I need to re-evaluate my definition of “big deal”

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